Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger | Solution

Godaddy Custom Domain Not Work without www In Blogger - Solution

In this article i have give solution of Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger. Godaddy is one of the high-quality area registrar organizations and internet web website hosting providers.

It Is One Of The Biggest Domain Provider Company. They trap hundreds of thousands of clients each year due to a reasonably-priced area fee and easy layout. There is many Bloggers, Digital Marketer's Buy Domain from goddady. 

And some of them setup this custom domain on blogger. Because it is free platform you don't need to buy any hosting just need to paid for domain.

I have purchase this domain from godaddy and after setup of domain on blogger, after setup i have seen  that Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger.

https redirection not working properly, when i try opened my website without www version it shows the ssl Certificate is Not secure error. All Redirection Working except only

Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger | Solution

Godaddy Custom domain not Reditect to https www

Domain NameDomain Redirection
https://technowap.comFailed Success

There is lots of Videos and articles available on line that guide how to add custom domains from Godaddy in blogger. 

However, many of them don't tell about common problem Domain https non-www to www redirection fail. In different words, without www godaddy domain not working or open.

I confronted this problem, with lots of clients who purchased domain from GoDaddy. The hassle is: I purchased my custom domain from GoDaddy and followed all steps from Google to add in blogger.

Added CNAME and A records in Godaddy DNS Management and Redirected to to

All Redirection had been running except ( I was contact for this problem with godaddy support team. But they don't give proper solution.

After many Researching on Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger problem i was found solution to redirect all http non www versions or www versions to https with www.

How to Solve GoDaddy Custom domain not working without www in blogger?

Follow this steps to solve domain redirection problem to https www

1st step - Add CNAME and A Records in GoDaddy DNS Management, 

Most of you've got already add CNAME and A RECORD withinside the DNS Management web page in GoDaddy.

If no , read this google tutorial about add c name and A records In Godaddy DNS Management. 

Step 2nd - Redirect Naked Domain to Non- www in Blogger Dashboard
Naked domains are domain names with out www. Make certain you've got clicked the redirection option. In Blogger - Settings - Basic - Publishing - Blog Address - Edit.

Step 3rd - Domain Forwarding Service Available in GoDaddy, This is an crucial step in which we employ Domain Forwarding Service to be had in GoDaddy Dashboard. 

Let me provide an explanation for how this step will assist you clear up the problem.

A web page will open with all statistics, scroll until you discover a Forwarding option. Click on Domain forwarding and upload as below:
Forward to: (https)
Forward type: Permanent (301)
Settings: Forward only.

You already done this steps and still face Redirection problem, just repeat this steps again. domain forwarding adds extra 'A' Records in DNS to godaddy Ip.

If you have facing this problem after follow all steps just remove domain forwarding and all A Records And CNAME. Updates the changes

Add all A records And C name in dns. updates changes take 30 to 45 Minutes, check all non www versions open to https www. If this not working then forward domain.

You have efficiently forwarded all non www versions  to a particular one and solved GoDaddy custom domain non www to www redirection fail in blogger.

Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger | Solution

Wait for updating changes upto 30 to 45 Minutes. Then You can check all your http non www and https without www redirect to https manually. You can also check from this website.

Conclusion - 

So in this article i have given the solution of Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger. I hope your problem have been solved after reading this article. If you like article then do share in social media.

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