Best Chrome Extension 2020 | Top 10 to Install in 2020

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2020 - Top 10 Extensions to Install 

In this Article I have given some Best Chrome Extension 2020 list. that will be useful for Bloggers. 

If you are a blogger You must have installed this best Google Chrome Extensions that's help you lot.

Best Chrome Extension 2020 | Top 10 to Install in 2020

What is a Chrome extension?

An extension is a small software program. Which lets you enhance the features of your browser. Chrome extensions work just like WordPress plugins. 

Browser extensions work with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These extensions are in .crx format. You can download and install these extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extension - 

1. Grammarly

Personally this is my favorite extension. Most of the time you want to write mails, blogs or some social media posts in English. But you have doubts whether the English grammar is correct or not. Grammarly it is very useful at such times.

Grammarly works in almost all places where you type in the browser. Where there are mistakes or some changes are needed, they are highlighted with a red underline. 

You can also read more about why change is needed. Grammarly available in both free and premium versions.

2. Google Input Tools

In the last few months, Google has turned off their offline input tools on Windows. This was a problem for bloggers in Indian languages. An alternative to this is the Chrome extension.

There are many options on Windows computers, such as Microsoft Language. But if you have Mac or Linux, then Google Input is very useful for you.

3. Buffer

If you are a blogger or doing digital marketing, you have to manage multiple social accounts at once. This is why Buffer is the solution. With this you can update 3 social accounts for free at a time. 

But in order to post on more than one account at a time, you have to take the plans they sell.

4. EverNote Web Clipper

EverNote is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Sometimes when you read online, you come across something important.

 In this case, with the help of EverNote Web Clipper, you can highlight it, remove the screenshot. You can also easily access it from any device with the help of your EverNote account whenever you want. 

It's always easier to highlight as much text as you want than to bookmark an entire webpage.

5. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Often you want to take a screenshot of a webpage. But in Windows, with the help of Print Screen (PrtScn) or Mac + command + shift + 3, only the part that appears on the screen is captured. This Chrome extension will help you take a screenshot of the entire webpage.

 You can also record videos in it. You can also blur sensitive information on the screen with its inbuilt editor.

6. Simple Allow Copy

Information on some websites or blogs cannot be copied. Content on that website is copy protected. In that case you can copy with the help of Simple Allow Copy. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

 I sometimes have problems with the Gutenberg editor when I have started this Chrome extension. So turn off this extension when you don't need it.

7. Forest: stay focused, be present

This is another favorite extension of mine. When do you go to a website like social media, YouTube without knowing when you are doing important work? We don't even know it and we waste hours on it.

 In this case, with the help of Forest: stay focused, be present, you can keep yourself focused while writing a blog or working. Try this extension for sure.

8. Google Dictionary (by Google)

While reading English blogs, you may not know the meaning of some words. It is difficult to find the meaning on Google or in the dictionary every time.

 In that case Google Dictionary (by Google) you can immediately know the meaning of the word. You can also hear how to pronounce that word.

9. ColorZilla

You love the color scheme on a webpage but you don't know its HTML code. ColorZilla is a very useful extension if you want to know the exact HTML code on that webpage. It lets you know the HTML Color Code of the desired pixels on the webpage.

10. Scan WP - Detect WordPress Themes and Plugins

You love the theme of a blog. You need to know about the themes and plugins that Blogger uses. You can do this very easily with the help of Scan WP. Here you can find out which WordPress themes and plugins are active on that blog.

Team: Installing too many extensions can slow down your browser. So install the extensions you need in your Google Chrome.


So in this article i have tell you best chrome extension 2020 that helps you lot if you are do blogging or content writing. 

In addition, there are thousands of Google Chrome extensions that you can use. These are just my favorite 10 Best Chrome extensions. In addition, if you have any Chrome extensions, let us know in the comments. If you like the article be sure to share it with your friends.

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