15 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers | Blogging tips 2020

15 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers Advance Blogging tips 2020 

If you do blogging and want to know about the best blogging tips for new bloggers in 2020, then you have come to the right place.

You must know that you can make a good income by making a blog and for this you must have made a blog or are thinking of making your own blog.

15 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers | Blogging tips 2020

The post will be very useful for you because in this I have shared some tips with everyone that can be very helpful in your blogging life and it will be very helpful in making you successful.

There is a lot of competition in blogging today. Today people start a blog but after some time they stop because they do not get the results.

If you are one of the people then it is very important for you to read this post.

15 Blogging Tips 2020 For New Bloggers -

Blogging is not a way in which you create a blog today and you will get results tomorrow. Blogging works in the long term means that if you make a blog today, then you will have to work hard on it for a few months and only after that you will get to see the result.

The less you learn blogging the less it will be because you can never learn blogging completely because blogging is one thing, it requires writing, strategy, and SEO.

Here are some 15 blogging tips for New Bloggers Blogging Tips 2020 that you should follow -

1. Do not think of making money

The biggest mistake people make is that it is not too late to create a blog and they start thinking about making money. There are hardly 5 or 10 posts on the blog and they start thinking how to approve adsense.

When they do not get adsense, they work a little more and take approval anyhow. But they do not earn as much on the blog as they get demotivated.

That is why you have to write content first and bring traffic to your blog. Only then you have to use adsense or any other method like affiliate marketing on your blog.

2. Give Time For Blogging 

Blogging is such an thing that you can earn a lot of money online but you have to give some time for it. Blogging and SEO take time to learn.

Also, after doing SEO, the result is not seen immediately, it may take some time. Also, if your blog is new, then you will have to work on it for at least 3 to 6 months only then you will see the result.

Google put new Websites in a sandbox  but Google has never officially confirmed that there is something but it is a similar thing in Google's algorithm. It happens that when a domain is new and uploads the content, google does not trust it quickly.

So you understand that your site is currently in Google Sandbox and you do not have to worry.

But in the meantime, quality content should be uploaded on your site. The only way to get out of the Google sandbox quickly is to upload Quality content.

When your site comes out from google sandbox, then your keywords will start to rank and the impression of keywords in your search console will also go up.

By giving time to blogging, your blogging knowledge and skills will also increase. You cannot earn money quickly by blogging. That is why patience is very important in blogging.

Make blogging your passion and give it as much time as possible.

3. Choose the right Niche or Topic

People make the biggest mistake that they choose the wrong topic of their blog.

Even if you spend a month in choosing the topic, then there is no problem because this one month will save you many months, which you will waste in the wrong topic.

Study all the blogs of that topic and see their rankings. Look at their traffic. Look at their keywords. Look at the work they did. If you feel that you can do better than that, then your blog will definitely succeed in that topic.

You can create a Niche Blog or if you want you can make a Micro Niche Blog.

You publish only relevant content from your blog's niche.

4. Create a Strategy for Blog

After choosing Niche, you have to create a strategy for your blog. There is a lot of work to be done in blogging, so you have to make a strategy based on a time table.

Such as
  • Which social sites and ways will you promote your blog.
  • You have to make a list in which you have to write which keywords you have to write the article.
  • You have to make a list in which you will have the main competitor blog which you have to beat.
If you want, you can also set Goals for your blog such as how much you have to rank your blog's Alexa in a month, how much DA to do, how many posts to publish, and how much traffic to bring, etc.

Read This Articles Thats Helps you write SEO Freindly Articles.

5. Invest some money

It is not at all that if you do not invest money, your blog will not succeed. You can earn money by making a blog even without investing money, but if you can invest some money then your work will definitely become easier.

If you can invest some money then don't delay at all. Put money in whatever you need. Do not spend too much money with me.

In the beginning, you should spend only on hosting and domains, apart from this you do not need to buy any blogging tool.

If you want to use blogger, then you must buy at least one domain name because it will give you a lot of benefit in your SEO rankings.

If you can invest more money then you can also enroll in courses.

6. Learn To Do SEO

In blogging, it is most important that you learn SEO because it is important to take care of it before and after publishing the post in the entire blogging.

There are two types of SEO - 

On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

So you have to pay most attention to On-Page SEO. Only by doing SEO you can bring traffic to your blog from Google. Off-page SEO you do when your ranking is not increasing or there is too much competition on the topic you are working on.

SEO is a long process Blogging is a long process because SEO is not quick. Google takes several months to rank your post. But as the authority of your domain increases, the time to be SEO will also work.

Read this post for the information of SEO

7. Do Keyword Research

Most new bloggers skip keyword research or ignore keyword research. If you do keyword research in the right way, you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

On the blog, we write content on a keyword such as what is Computer, then with this keyword, we do keyword research to know other similar keywords.

Use Some Keyword Research Tools like Semrush, Ahref this paid Keyword Tool but it is very important keyword Research to Rank on Google's First Page. Free keyword tool does not give proper data so I will Suggest you to use Semrush Keyword Tool. It is best tool for blogging Because I am also Using this tool. 
8. Keep Writing Skills Improve

If we talk about the most important and time consuming work of blogging, then it is content writing. That is why it is very important that you improve your content writing skills.

By improving Writing Skills, you will save time in writing your content as well as you will be able to write good content which will easily rank in google.

To improve Writing Skills you need to do this -
Increase your typing speed.
Try to write quality content that has at least grammar mistakes.
Use a good keyboard.
Make your english good.
Learn the right way to write content.

9. Make Content Reader-Friendly

In today's time there is a blogging myth which is that if you write a longer article then it will definitely rank in google. Absolutely not.

Bloggers do not pay much attention to the readability of the article in the course of writing a long article, so that your audiance has difficulty in understanding the article.

You add value to the article and write it in such a way that nobody has any problem in understanding that article.

You keep the flow of the article and cover the right point in the right place. You can use the Workflowy tool to structure the headings.

10. Write SEO Friendly Article

If you want to rank an article in the first position of google, then it is very important for that article to be SEO friendly.

To write SEO friendly article, you have to write your article properly and many important things have to be added to it.

Write article around 500 to 1000 words.
Make some Paragraphs while writing articles and give h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 headings.

11. Learn to use Blogging Tools

By using blogging tools, we can make our blogging work very easy. These tools help us in many ways.

You will find many types of tools. You need to learn to use these tools that are useful to you.

These tools are free and are also paid. These tools help us in the work of keyword research, SEO site audit, etc.

12. Make Backlinks the Right Way

Link Building is a simple way if your content is good, then your blog will definitely rank. It ranks your blog quickly and gives you ranking above the blog, whose content is similar to yours.

Backlink means having a link to your blog on another site.

Link Building is part of Off-Page SEO. The backlink is of two types 1. Do-Follow Backlinks and 2. No-Follow Backlinks. You have to make both links to your blog.

Do-Follow Backlinks matter in the ranking.

You should do guest posting on another blog for this. This will give you do follow backlink and second you comment on someone's blog post by giving the url of your blog, this will give you no follow backlink.

Backlinks are made in many ways like Commenting, Guest Posting, Social Media Profile, Link Exchange, etc. But you mostly have to use the right method which gives Do-Follow Backlink.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating backlinks. Such as

When you create the correct backlink, type the anchor text correctly when giving the link anywhere.
Take a backlink from a good site that has a low spam score.
That website should be related to the niche of your blog.

13. Convert Audience

You have to convert your blog's audience as a follower of your blog's subscriber, social media. You have to collect their email so that you can send them email notifications.

In today's time, there are many advantages of creating an email list. With this, you can update your new article by email to your subscribers.

You want to build the audience in such a way that they come to your blog to increase direct posts.

14. Update Old Posts

It is more important to update the old articles of the blog than it is necessary to write new articles on the blog.

Google pays great attention to the freshness of the content. By updating old articles, you can increase the traffic of your blog a lot.

When you feel that you should update your article, you should update your article.

15. Never Stop Working

As I told you, blogging needs to be given time. It takes more time to see results in blogging and hence it also takes more time to get money from blogging.

At the same time people start getting demotivate and they have to stop blogging or give very less time to blogging. Due to which people do not get success in blogging. That is why you should never quit blogging.

Conclusion -

So in this article I have given you some 15 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers, Blogging tips 2020 to get success in blogging that you have to use in your blogging life.

I hope you liked this article of blogging tips in 2020. Share this article In Social Media.

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