What Is a Pen Drive and its uses? | Pendrive Definition & Types

What is a Pen Drive and its Uses? and how to use them? Definition and its types

what is pen drive definition?

What Is a Pen Drive and its uses? | Pendrive Definition & Types
What Is a Pen Drive and its uses? | Pendrive Definition & Types

A pen drive is a portable universal serial bus (USB) flash memory device that stores and transfers audio, video, and data files from a computer.

It is of small ring size and is easily used for transferring and storing files between USB compatible systems.

It is available in different capacities. It is used by plugging it into the USB port of the PC. It is also called a flash drive. This is an example of E-E memory.

A pen drive typically has a large storage capacity and provides quick data transfers.

There will be many of you who will be using this small drive to easily transfer your documents or flies from one place to another.

Now those days are no more when people used to use old storage device like floppy disks which could store very little data and its read and write operation is also very slow. 

With the advancement of technology, now the Pen Drive has come between people, is much faster than other storage device and its storage space is also more.

It is also very easy to use, the user just has to insert it into the USB port of the computer. It is compatible with all operating systems. It is very portable, which means that it can be easily carried anywhere anytime. 

The complete information about the Pen Drive is not available anywhere, due to which a lot of doubts arise in the minds of the people, so today I thought that why should you be given complete information about what is a USB Pen Drive? Its uses And how does it work with it.

Characteristics of Pen Drive 

Here I am going to tell you about the different features of Pen Drive. 

 1. It is made of many materials such as Plastic, Metal etc. which makes it light. 2. There are many types of its length from 1 cm to 6 cm. 
3. Its capacity varies from 512 Mb to 128 Gb. 
4. It gets power from USB port. 
5. It is very portable so that it can be used anywhere anytime. 
6. Its thickness varies from 1 cm to 3 cm. Its width varies from 1 cm to 3 cm.

What is Pen Drive and its uses - How to use a pen drive?

It is very simple to use the pen drive. Here the user has to insert one end of the drive into the USB port of the computer. It gets activated as soon as it is inserted. Pen Drive shows some notification on the computer screen when it is activated. 

This means that your drive is now connected with the system. Once the drive is active, then you can drag and drop or copy and paste the files into memory. This process is very easy which anyone can do.

Nowadays there are a lot of different computer operating systems in the market, so Pen Drive manufacturers manufacture these pen drives in such a way that it can work in all operating systems.

Therefore, it is prudent that before purchasing any portable storage device, read its packaging carefully so that it works properly on their computer system.

How pen drive works?

Technicians classify these pen drives in NOT AND, or NAND, they are also called gate-style data storage devices. In this technology, data is done according to store blocks and not randomly.

It does not store data like computer's main memory systems - as in read-only memory (ROM) and random-access memory (RAM). Storing according to blocks can store more information than randomly storing data and that too at very low prices.

Structure and Working of Pen Drive

Pen drives have a small printed circuit board (PCB). This circuit board provides a solid base to the structure of Pen Drive and acts as a medium to collect information. There is a small "microchip" in this circuit board, which helps the pen drive to extract data. 

All this process requires low electric power to operate if we compare CD-R and floppy disk. Think technically, then it is based on the EEPROM which allows the writing and erasure process together in the computer system.

Actually pen drive also needs a software program with the help of which it can connect with computer and can do many operations such as data reading, data transmission and data copying. 

For example, when you connect an iPhone to a computer, we need iTunes software to copy any music or video files. Here it shows us that a program or software such as iTunes provides us with an interface to connect the device with the system so that information can be exchanged.

The internal circuitry of the pen drive takes power from the system to perform its operations.

Important Parts of Pen Drive:

1.USB connector
2.Crystal oscillator
3.Memory chips

When we connect the pen drive with the computer, it automatically activates to use. Whereas if nothing is done in it then it is in dormant (inactive) phase.

Specialized tech companies of today are working a lot to improve these pen drives and are always trying to minimize the issues and add better features. 

There have been many improvements in Pen Drive in the last few years. We have now shifted from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 pen drives, due to which the data transfer rate has increased a lot.

Features of pen drive

By the way, Pen Drive has many features and about which we will know here today.
  1. Transfer files

A pen drive is used as an interfacing device to transfer files such as documents. Photos, Mp3 etc. are used to transfer from one system to another. In this, only the files are selected and transferred.

2. Portability
It is so lightweight and "micro" that it can be carried anywhere comfortably.

3. Backup storage
Mostly all pen drives have password encryption features, so that important family information, medical records and photos can be backed up.

4. Transport Data
Academicians, scholars, students can use them to transport large files and lectures anywhere.

Promotional Tool
Many companies and businesses now use these pen drives to promote their sales so that they can spread their marketing agendas to the people. 

Above these handy pen drives are corporate logos and visual imagery that can be easily presented to people in exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

Advantages of Pen Drives and USB Flash Drives

As we all know how pen drives and USB flash drives have established their dominance in the entire IT world as some of their best features are , it has completely replaced the traditional storage devices which were previously data storage medium. 

Was used according to Here I have tried to tell you about some advantages of Pen Drive.
  1. Pen Drives have more data storing capacity from 64 mb to 128 Gb.
  2. Their compact design makes them more portable.
  3. They can also be used according to bootable medium.
  4. These other computer components faster data transfer.
  5. They can hold or store data just like permanent memory, hence they are also called secondary storage devices.
  6. It does not require any external power source to operate.
  7. There is no need for any extra cable or cord to connect to it.
  8. Pen drives or USB flash drives are available in many variety of sizes so they can be easily carried from one place to another.
  9. They have no effect on Scratch as in CD’s and DVD’s.

Disadvantages of Pen Drives and USB Flash Drives
  1. Pen Drives ( USB Flash drives) are so small that anyone can easily misplace them.
  2. This is the easiest way to spread computer virus because virus can be easily accessed through it. So it is important that the Pen Drives are scanned properly by antivirus.
  3. They do not have high storage capacity like Hard Disk.
Some Famous Manufacturer of USB Drives Pen Drive
  1. Transcend
  2. Kingston
  3. SanDisk
  4. I-Ball
  5. HP

It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1. What Is A Pen Drive?
pen drive is a portable universal serial bus (USB) flash memory device that stores and transfers audio, video, and data files from a computer.It is of small ring size and is easily used for transferring and storing files between USB compatible systems.

2. Is pen drive a storage device?
Pen drive Is A Storage device in which you can store files, videos, movies, photos etc. And also Transfer data from one computer to another.

3. Which companies manufactured  pendrive?
  1. Transcend
  2. Kingston
  3. SanDisk
  4. I-Ball
  5. HP

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