Parts of Computer for kids - Computer parts Details for kids

Basic parts details of computer for kids Full details about Computer Parts

parts of computer for kids  | Computer parts Details for kids
parts of computer for kids  | Computer parts Details for kids

A desktop computer is made up of several basic parts. In this article we have given details about parts of computer for kids, Computer parts details for kids. 

briefly describe computer parts and shortly explain what they are and what function they do.

computer components all parts include inside the case like motherboard, CPU Ram, keyboard, monitor, hard drive, Mouse, graphic cards and power supply these parts are the most important and essential components of computer.

Basic parts of computer for kids Full details

  1. motherboard
  2. Ram
  3. monitor
  4. keyboard
  5. Mouse
  6. CPU
  7. Graphic card
  8. Power supply unit
1. motherboard

first of the computer components with the motherboard. The motherboard is the main circuit board of your computer It is the piece on which all the other pieces are fixed and which we will now mention processor It is the mind of the computer and its strength is determined by Cores, Threads, Base frequency, Hidden etc.

2. Ram -

RAM is the computer memory in which information processed by a computer device can be stored and then erased Graphic card or video card.

Ram is random access memory RAM is complicated component for some people but it is not them temporarily stores the data that meaning is when you switch off the computer the stored data will be lose.

Additional RAM allows a computer to work with more information at the same time which has a considerable effect on total system performance.

if you don't want to do that your computer is sluggish when you have several problems open you must have more RAM and the computer needs the RAM to use data quickly the more RAM provide that the better the computer will perform and the faster it will expiate programs and software .

3.Graphic card -

The graphic card is measured in teraflop Storage there is many type of Storage like like HDD, SSD, M.2 Memory is an essential component, present in all computers.

The monitor connects to the video card internal your computer,to display photographs and textual content at the screen.

The computer case contains the main components of the computer. This is where the actual processing happens. which means they stand up vertically.

Sometimes you will see a horizontal case,which is usually referred to as a desktop case In order to view anything on your desktop, you'll need to have a monitor.

Most monitors have LCD or LED displays, whichcan be made very thin, so they don't use much desk space. To save even more space, you canbuy an all-in-one computer, which combines the monitor and the computer case into a single unit.

4. Keyboard And Mouse -

To interact with your computer, you'll need a keyboard and mouse. Keyboards come in different shapes and sizes: for example, ergonomic and wireless keyboards.

The mouse is used to manage the mouse cursor on the screen. It can eitherbe optical, which has an electronic eye on the bottom, or mechanical, which uses a rollingball to detect movement.

Some people prefer to use a trackball or touchpadinstead of a mouse. These use less desk space, since they don't need to move when you'reusing them. So those are the basic parts of a desktop computer.

As you can see, each part plays an important role, and you'll become very familiar with these parts as you gain more experience with your computer.

There are a few different types of computers: a desktop computer,  a laptop or notebook computer, and a tablet computer. Use the Power Button to turn on your computer.

The power button is on the base unit of the desktop computer and on the keyboard of the laptop, or on the side of the tablet screen.

The mouse is how you control the cursor on your computer and  how you navigate and click on items on the screen With a laptop, there is usually a touch pad that you  control with your finger - this controls the cursor.  With a tablet, your finger acts the mouse.

The computer mouse usually has a left and right button to  help you move the cursor around the screen.  Most clicking is done with the left button, since that is where  the index finger would rest for someone who is right-handed. 

Using the right click button often opens up menus and command  functions on various computer or Internet programs and applications. Some mice also have a scroll wheel to make  scrolling up and down documents and webpages easier.

As you move your mouse round the screen of your desktop or laptop, the cursor may additionally change relying at the task. You use the keyboard to type text while you're  using computer-based documents or while on the Internet.

5. CPU -

For desktop computers, the CPU, or computer processing unit, is the "brain"  of the computer where all the data is stored.

computer's main circuit board the motherboard supplies to connect all parts of a computer. Twitter it is a template that holds this review the ramp connectors for the hard drive and optical drives the expansion cards to control the video and audio and connections to your computer ports.

The motherboard connects directly or by cables with them so we can call composite backbone to motherboard.

CPU is consult our processing unit also call it a processor CPU is located on motherboard. it is responsible for a raid and educate the comment whenever you press a key click the mouse start an application open the picture you are sending instructions to the CPU, So the CPU called brain of computer.

It's also the place you will find CD drives, the microphone and  headphone jacks, and ports for USB, or flash, drives.

Each computer is different and there are many varieties. For specific information about setting up your computer or basic operating  functions, the owner's manual is a great place to start.

6. hard drive -

hard drive is another vital component to a computer. hard drive is permanent storage device. So when you installed a product, Games server file, all your pictures, documents stored at hard Drive.

the computer is even turned off they will be saved on the hard drive. It has large space for stored data.

7.power supply Unit -

Power supply unit is the piece of hardware that converts the power provided from the outlet into usable power for many parts.

inside the computer case it's some power to of cables to the motherboard and other components. without the power supply the computer is used as it is just a case full of metal and plastic, so it is necessary unit for a computer.

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Parts of Computer for kids FAQ

1. What are the basic parts of a computer?
The basics parts of computer are -

1. CPU
2. Ram
3. Monitor
4. Keyboard
5. Mouse
6. Graphic Card
7. Motherboard

2. What is a computer for kids?
computer components all parts include inside the case like motherboard, CPU Ram, keyboard, monitor, hard drive, Mouse, graphic cards and power supply these parts are the most important and essential components of computer.

3.Who made computers for kids?
Charles Babbage made the First Computer in 19th century.

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