How to create XML sitemap for blogger

How to create XML sitemap for bloggerHey everyone in this article I wanted to give you information about how you could use a Site map from your blogger website and submit it to Google search Console & Bing Webmaster..

How to create XML sitemap for blogger
How to create XML sitemap for blogger

How to create XML sitemap for blogger? And submit in Google & Bing Webmaster

now This will help Google really analyze your site the best way possible, and you could just help it do that by the XML sitemap so the sitemap is basically a document that shows the Architecture of your web site the backend of the website how things are linked all the different pages and to get your sitemap Out of blogger.

I'm going to show you how you can submit the site map of your website to Google It's very much easy It'll be pretty quick, so let's start First of all go to Google.Type in Webmaster Tools. 

Steps To Create XML Sitemap For Blogger -

Here you will see the first link over here. If you already don't have an account in Webmaster Tools, then make one. Right! And then click on it. 

You see this page if you are making a new account You can add your website by clicking on this 'Add a site' button. Enter your website URL here and Hit continue. 

It will add your website to the Webmaster tools. Right! You can see I have added the links of my Blog over here. So once you've added your website click on this name over here and it will take you to that particular websites' statistics so click on it.

Here you can see it's written sitemaps. Right? Click there Now you see 'Add or Test Sitemap' buttonover here in the top right corner.Click that button. And.. Mine is a Blogger Blog so by default If you are having a Blogger or a Blogspot blog You can type in ' sitemap.xml ' and Test Sitemap View Test Results and here you can see that there are No Errors Found. Right? So close the test. 

again sitemap.xml And you can hit 'Submit Sitemap' button Refresh the page That's it your sitemap has been submitted, and and next time whenever Google Will crawl your website maybe after two days three days.

Then you can see over here that how many website how many URLs of your website have been submitted And how many of them are indexed. Right?

So, again. if you are having website other than Blogger..then.. Suppose, you have the website and your sitemap is stored in a folder named sitemap and the file is sitemap.xml.

So what you can do is.. Your website name will be shown over here It is So over here, writesitemap/sitemap.xml Rest of the procedure remains same Hit 'Test Sitemap' If there are any errors found then first of all clear those errors. Right? and again come back to 'Add Sitemap' Add the URL of your sitemap file and submit the sitemap. 

That's it. so as I told, within two or three days you can see your website URLs being indexed over here So that's it. 

How to Create XML Sitemap for Blogger and submit in Bing Webmaster Tool?

Firstly Go To Bing Webmaster Site and Sign Up if you Don't Have an Account in Bing Webmaster. And add site in bing webmaster.

After Create An Account, as shown in image Click On Sitemaps Put Your Homepage URL Ex. and hit submit Button.


So Here In this Article We have Learn How To Create xml sitemap For Blogger
 and Submit In Webmaster Tools like google and Bing.

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